Vikings will be Renewed For Season 6, Months before Season 5 will be released

One of the most popular TV drama VIKINGS produced by HISTORY released back in the 2013 will have a new team. Although the show isn’t quite as accurate to real history as we might expect of a series airing on History, it has been a hit of a series with a compelling cast and intriguing stories.

Vikings will be Renewed For Season 6, Months before Season 5 will be released


The fifth season will be released in the winter, but HISTORY has launched some good news for fans of the show. VIKINGS officially will have a new crew members for SEASON 6.


Vikings scored a renewal for 20 more episodes in Season 6, with production slated to begin in Ireland this fall. Count of the episodes will be the same as that in season 4 and season 5. Some details about the new season are already available, but one is for sure that star Katheryn Winnick will be director of an episode for the first time, which we can probably take to mean that character which is played by her will survive the events of the fifth season. Surely Winnick wouldn`t go around set for season 6 if Lagertha is killed in season 5.


While few shows score a renewal for a new season before the latest season has even debuted, it’s not too surprising that History has so much faith in the series.VIKINGS has achieved consistently solid rating on the internet, season 4 has been watched by 7,8 million viewers. This number is solid for HISTORY to make more new seasons and episodes.


Interestingly, the entire run of the series to date has been penned by only one person. Vikings creator Michael Hirst has written every single episode so far, and he also serves as executive producer. His creative skills has been a excellent fit for HISTORY, and they will continue to cooperate. We can only hope that the show won`t run out of steam any time soon.

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