Mad Hippie Has One Of The Most Effective Skin Care Serum

I bought this amazing in April 2015 and that was the first time when I use it. Now in 2017 I am still using it my skin become so soft since the first time. Mad Hippie had become “buddy” for my skin.

Mad Hippie Has One Of The Most Effective Skin Care Serum

I saw the product on Amazon online drugstore and i was thinking should i buy it or not, and I decided to take a risk and try it, and it become one of my  “friend” for every day use.

If you want something that will make your skin so soft then you should definitely buy this serum you will be happy like me.

You can read my review on the amazon drug store.

About the product

  • Vitamin C serum
  • Natural organic ingredients
  • Skin brightening and wrinkle control
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


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This is the original review

This stuff WORKS! I have been on a non-stop quest for the perfect (as can be) Vitamin C/Serum. I ran across this brand while reading a misc forum on the WWW and this one was recommend by a user and whatever she said stuck in my head so I track it down here on my favorite internet drugstore….AMAZON.

I have been using this less than 1 week and her is what I noticed: My skin felt softer, I had an acne scar on my cheek bc I am a “picker” and it is actually starting to fade (right before my very eyes), and my moisturizer seems to me doing a better job. Yes as a reviewer said it does have a snot-like consistency but it works! I have decided to change my thinking from snot to a silken consistency; much better association. And I have not had the problem of it becoming hard like egg whites if not followed immediately by moisturizer.

Misc Details: I use two drops AM/PM after I cleanse and tone. I found 3 to be too much. I let it almost dry then follow with my moisturizer and sunscreen if daytime. I have normal – dry skin, Med-Dark complexion, not may break outs. Between Normal-Dry my skin leans more towards dry.

If you have read this far GREAT! Here is what prompted this very impromptu review….I was just at the gym and my neighbor who has not seen me in a couple of weeks saw me and said: WOW what have you done to your skin? It looks great, it looks so hydrated (yes a man said HYDRATED)!!!

I have an arsenal of quality skin care products by First Aid Beauty but I believe this Mad Hippe C was the missing link.

Hope this helps and this was NOT a review in exchange for trying a free product. I paid….LOL.

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