Love drinks: Cocktails that increase the desire for sex

There is nobody who does not attempt to consume the interests with his accomplice. Numerous things can help you, including a few mixed drinks.

The key is the fixings these mixed drinks contain and increment charisma in the two men and ladies.

We offer you three formulas for fantastic mixed drinks that you might not have referred to, and go about as a Spanish fly:

Gin Fizz Tropical

The principle fixing in this mixed drink that influences the expansion in sexual longing is pineapple.

Strategy for planning:

  • In a shaker, blend 30 ml of white tequila, 30 ml gin, 20 ml of lemon juice, 10 ml of pineapple juice and 15 ml ginger syrup.
  • Serve in a glass of ice and include shining water.



Stick Jar Julep

Flavor cardamom in this mixed drink is rich in melatonin, which incites the longing for sex.

Strategy for arrangement:

  • Blend 50 ml of gin, 50 ml of grapefruit juice, 20 ml of syrup and 2 mint.
  • Present with ice and cardamom seeds.


Rosemary Gin Fizz

Rosemary, on which this invigorating mixed drink is based, is considered by many to be a characteristic Viagra.

Strategy for planning:

  • Blend 35 ml of gin with rosemary (in the gin, put two or three twigs of rosemary to remain for 4 hours), 45 ml of vermouth and 20 ml of lemon juice.
  • Include 50 ml of shimmering water and serve crisp spring rosemary.


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