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The National Weather Service is coming up short on descriptors to portray the seriousness and effect of the flooding in Houston, Texas, and its encompassing territories.

The leftovers of Hurricane Harvey (once a Category 4 storm) have dumped feet of rain on the city. What’s more, feet more are still to come.

The administration has called the flooding fiasco “calamitous” and “perilous.” It’s said “the expansiveness and power of this precipitation are past anything encountered earlier,” and that “this occasion is exceptional and all effects are unknown…” It even needed to correct the shading plans on its precipitation add up to maps to indicate precipitation sums more prominent than 20 inches.

What’s more, recall: The Weather Service is an administration organization known for its calm disapproved of informing and evasion of overstatement.

It might be difficult to understand what feet of rain — sums meeting yearly midpoints falling in a couple of days — resemble. Parts of Houston have recorded 30 or as high as 40 crawls of rain up until now. This is the place pictures offer assistance.

The most recent shot clear shot of the Houston flooding #houston #harvey #hurricane #weather

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Here, gathered from photograph wires and web-based social networking posts, is the thing that a disastrous surge resembles.




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