15 Everyday Items That Were Designed For Another Purpose. Say Yes If You Know This

Many of the objects we use on a daily basis were found for a completely different purpose than that they have today. Did you know that wooden hangers were made in order to chase moths because of the strong smell of cedar wood?

15 everyday items that were designed for another purpose say yes if you know this

If you have ever wondered why there is additional blue hairs between the hairs of your toothbrush, it’s time to discover the original purpose of these 15 casual and seemingly ordinary objects:

Circular buttons on hot water bottles

Usually these buttons were used to check if the beverage was cool. When the button goes down, it means that the beverage is cold. Today, the keys write the name of the beverage that is inside and you can easily find your beverage without having to open the cap.


Wooden hangers for laundry

You must have wondered why we still have wooden hangers beside all the plastic and metal in the market. The reason for this is that caskets made of cedar wood contain natural oils that chase the moths, thus keeping your clothes.


The flattened part that joins the Chinese chopsticks

Most people believe this merger is done to make sure that no one has previously used the same sticks. However, this merger is for practical reasons and ensures that machines in the factories will not pack only one wand by mistake.15-sekojdnevni-predmeti-koi-bile-dizajnirani-so-druga-namena-03.jpg

The blue hairs of the toothbrush brush

The toothbrush color of the toothbrush does not only serve to make them colorful and look different. If you notice that blue hairs begin to lose color, it’s a sure sign that you need to change the brush.



In the 12th century, sunglasses were used in China, but their role was not to protect the eyes from the sun. These glasses were worn by judges during the trial so as not to notice their emotions during the process.



Students at Yale University were having fun at patties in their free time. These pies were manufactured by Frisbee Company, and the popularity of the name was so great that the manufacturer and inventor of flying saucers decided to name the name on his product.



The beverage in the form we know today emerged in the 12th century. Originally, the wine distillation method was used to facilitate transport and storage of wine.

After the distillate was transported to the end user, water was added to it and re-consumed as wine. However, since it was kept in wooden barrels, a distillate that had a role only as a product for easier transportation became better than the wine itself and so did the brand.


Foil with airbags

Today this foil is used to protect brittle objects, but in 1957 it was invented as a result of attempts to produce new material for wall-mounted wallpapers that can be easily cleaned. Later, IBM recommended that this material be used in the packaging of their computers.



The pillow was invented in order to prevent insects from entering the nose, mouth or ears of the user. The old Chinese used solid pillows because they believed that the soft ones draw energy from their body. Africans believed that if you were sleeping on a pillow, you could communicate with your ancestors in a dream. In Europe, men almost never used pillows because they were considered a symbol of weakness.


T-shirt with short sleeves

During the Second World War short-sleeved sweatshirts were used as underwear. At that time, take a short-sleeved shirt in public transport, just as if you were naked, without clothes on yourself.

This stereotype for T-shirts was broken by Marlon Brando in 1951 in the film “The Tram called Desire”. So over time, the short-sleeved shirt got the status of an outer garment.


Running track

The precursor of the runner was invented in 1818 for the purpose of punishing prisoners (prisoners held for rods, and their feet were on rolling stairs), and their purpose was to use grinding grain in prisons.



The first webcam appeared in 1991 and showed a coffee maker. At Cambridge University, the coffee maker team of scientists was on a different floor of their offices.

In order not to have to climb the entire floor just to check if they have a coffee, they have connected the webcam to a computer that was shown a new image three times a minute.


Tea bag

Was invented accidentally in 1904. Tea at that time was sold in large bins, and one of the sellers decided to start packing it in small packages of small silk bags. Caterers in New York quickly reported that tea can be easily and practically prepared without getting out of these small packages.


Fidget spinner

The spinner became a popular toy in 2017, but these devices were originally invented in 1993. Their creator invented them to deal with children who were doing whites, and now they are used as a tool for reducing stress.


Shoes attached to strings of poles

There are several beliefs that actually symbolize the placement of a pair of shoes on the strings of the bandera:

– Students in this way celebrate the end of the school year, and the soldiers end the war period.

– Some people believe that hanging shoes can be found in the future, that is, the spirit of the deceased when he returns to the country.

– Pinch shoes often indicate a border for neighboring gangs.

– In New York and Los Angeles, the places where shoes are hung, and their color, indicate places where drugs are being sold and what kind of drug is being sold there.

– Earlier, thieves filled their shoes with heavy objects, when they would hang on the wire to break it, and the dispatchers could not report on the crime that was being performed.



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