8 Things That Happy Mothers Are Not Doing

Everyone knows, that motherhood is not easy. But, between sea and home obligations, care for one more human creature or few animals, to organize the time, place and to take a care for herself is a difficult, so because of that some mothers are happier than others.

8 Things That Happy Mothers Are Not Doing

For sure is that a happy mother wile rise a happy and successful child.

This is the things that mothers didn`t do:

They do not evaluate their value on the basis of another’s opinion.

People will always have “good-natured advice” (read reviews) to you about the way you feed, dress, nurture, take care of your child, and care for your child, but what you need to do is not allow those notes to cause you feeling guilt and lead you to think that you are a bad mother. You are not! Every mother is best for her children, even when making mistakes. Happy mothers know they can not respond to everyone’s expectations and do not even try.

Do not compare yourself with other mothers. They are accepted as they are.

Do not isolate themselves from the world after they become mothers. Happy mothers do not sacrifice their social life after they have a child, because they know how precious friends are. From time to time they leave children with dad or grandmother to “squeeze” for an hour or two with friends. It’s not a sin to spend time away from children.

Do not refuse a hug. They use and appreciate the small moments when their child wants to embrace them. They never disappoint the handed hands to twist another phone number or remove the laundry from the machine, but return them. Happiness is often hidden in trifles.

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